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Education, Information & Support


MHA-A offers a number of programs to educate the public about mental health and mental illness, to provide practical information and referral, and to enable mental health professional enrichment.  Some of our programs are listed below.

Information & Referral

MHA-A responds daily to calls from the valley - and sometimes to calls from far away - from persons who want to know more about mental illness, or who want  referral to a local health respource.  The chapter also distributes thousands of brochures and other materials with information on resources.

Community Service & Programs

  • Information & Referral Service-A phone/email service for mental health questions and concerns. Referrals are offered for counseling support groups and public agencies.  If you need guidance or help please call 886-7182 or
  • Commmunity In-Service Presentations - Presentations on current topics or important subjects in the field of mental health.
  • Support groups - MHA-A sponsors free weekly support groups for those ones and their families or friends with anxiety disorders or bipolar disorders. Groups are subject to the avialability of professional counselors. Call MH-A to learn what groups are active, and the dates, times, and location of meetings.

Educational Programs

Professional & Community Workshops - Education and prevention programs are presented to meet various specfic needs in the community.  Workshops may be designed for mental health professionals, others in related fields, or for the members of the community. Examples of recent topics:

  • Parenting
  • The defiant Child
  • Mental Health & Juvenile Justice
  • The Joy of recovery
  • VIolence in the Workplace
  • Parents & Teachers as Allies