Executive Committee


Melissa Sheets

VP Ways and Means

Zanny Bandy & Taylor Davis

VP Programs and Services

Sandy Zamalis


Kim Snyder


Chris Darden

Delegate Director

Rosalie Fessier & Katie Baird


George Ballew, Chris Darden, Michelle Kielty, Dr. Mary Kate Law, Russel Rose, Teri Sumey, Ric Vos, Sherry Zehr

Honorary Lifetime Directors

Mickey C. Decarr, Nancy P. Dahl, Bennie L. Hildebrand, Roderick D. Jones, Sidney M. Supple

Executive Director

Crystal Heinz

Personnel Committee  

Made up of the Executive committee

Nominating Committee

Consists of at least three members from the Board of Directors.  Nominates persons for the five principal offices and any vacant directorships.  The committee also determines recipients of all MHA-A annual awards to be given at the annual Valuing Mental Health Award Banquet. 

Finance Committee

Responsible for budget development and monitoring

Fundraising Committee*

Responsible for the development, organization, and implementation of fundraising projects

Membership Committee*

Develops and implements plans to maintain and increase membership in the organization.  Are responsible to plan and organize the Annual Membership Meeting.

Programs and Services Committee*

Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all programs and services carrying out the mission of the organization.

Public Affairs Committee*

Engages in advocacy.  Maintains contact with legislators on important legislative initiatives that impact mental health issues and keeps the membership informed of changes.

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